Take one abandoned agricultural field, one draft horse that needs a job, one tractor built in 1958 in need of love, 4 types of heirloom dry beans(Jacob’s Cattle, Tiger Eye, Boston Favorite and Arikara Yellow). add your best friend and you surely have a recipe for success(and a good time)! At least that’s what happened this year at Wheatberry Farm. Seth and I also built these harvest bins out of free and otherwise discarded pallets! Now that’s up-cycling baby!!!

I also have to thank a few other crew members as well….Kara, Sage, Haley, Brittany, Jess, and Jason and a number of others who helped out in the fields! Yes folks…We are bringing in the harvest and beautiful beans they are.Cultivated to perfection (see video to the right).

Bins built by a craftsman out of free recycled material.Loading up the Harvest!

A job well done.

There is more harvesting to do tomorrow and if you’d like to come join us please do. If not you might miss out on the fun! Email for the farm address – wheatberryma(a)gmail.com – we start at 8:30 am sharp.

In the next post (very soon) we will announce pick-up dates and more harvest news….like a great small grain harvest and more!!!!

Ben Lester