I was interviewed by DC Denison from the Boston Globe about the Grain Share and my upcoming presentation at the Summer NOFA conference/Animal Powered Field Days and the article came out today! Check out the article here. Lara helped me cultivate the wheat trials this year and helped me get them up on display! We started by trialing over 50 varieties and have paired it down to about 6 excellent performers. Seed for our trials was obtained from the National Small Grains Collection and represent genetics collected from all over the world. All the wheat we selected to trial were collected between 1890 and 1950 and are known as “Landrace” wheat.

This is an important distinction between the “pureline” wheat varieties that now dominate world wide wheat production. Landrace varieties have a diverse gene pool, giving them greatly enhanced ability to thrive and adapt to a wider variety of conditions. You know the saying…”don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

…Unfortunately that pretty well sums up the majority of current agricultural practices except you amend the phrase to say…”don’t put all your genetically modified eggs in one chemically laden basket”. We will plant more seed from the harvest this year and expand the quantity to a crop size if all goes well. Come see the display!