Hello folks, just a quick post to let you know the harvests are starting!  A beautiful crop of Red Llamas heirloom wheat was harvested yesterday in Hadley, and now all the fun begins!  As each grain comes in, it will finish drying, then be cleaned, some will be hulled (like spelt and barley), and then they’ll be bagged.  Photos coming soon!

Also, we have two very special cooking classes coming up:
Saturday August 10th, 11 am-1 pm, Heirloom Grains & Nourishing Meals
Ideas & recipes for cooking with heirloom whole grains, using Weston A. Price Foundations traditional preparations and guidelines, and making simple, delicious modern recipes. We will talk, cook, and eat together! We have been running a whole grain CSA for over five years and cook grains at home using WAPF techniques.
Thursday September 12, 5-7 pm – The Blissful Kitchen
Ideas & recipes for cooking delicious, easy allergen-free meals (for gluten-free, GAPS, SCD & Paleo folks!). We will talk, cook, and eat together! I spent 6 months on a very restricted diet to heal our son’s food allergies, and learned a lot!

Both classes are $50 per student, which includes recipes and tips to take home, plus the meal we’ll eat together. Both classes will be held in the beautiful kitchen at the Pioneer Valley Cohousing Common House, with many thanks to them for allowing us to use their space.

You can sign up online at, or you can send us a check – be sure to include your name, email address, and which class you’re signing up for!

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