Yes, you read that right. Nachos are one of our occasional naughty pleasure around here – made with organic tortilla chips, local organic cheese, local organic ground beef, and some veggies on top – it’s not so bad for a ten-minute dinner. On nights when we get home late, or both the kids are going completely bonkers, I’ve been known to make nachos for dinner.
But there are two problems with nachos. Problem #1 is that we don’t usually keep tortilla chips around, unless I know we’re going to have a crazy night that week and get some in advance. Problem #2 is that our youngest is still too young to understand the concept of chewing a chip before swallowing it. So, I had the crazy idea to make nachos with popcorn (which everyone in the family loves, we have plenty of from our share, and everyone can chew). Turns out to be a brilliant idea – way more delicious than stale chips from a bag!

There’s no real recipe to share here, folks. Pop some popcorn over medium heat (we usually use lard for popping – make sure you use a generous amount of your chosen oil/fat). Spread on a sheet pan, top with cheese, ground meat (if desired), spices such as paprika and dried oregano, diced onion, finely diced kale or scallions, and a sprinkle of salt. Pop under the broiler until cheese is melted and meat is cooked. Serve to delighted family.
Now there’s no need to panic the next time it’s already dinner time and you haven’t begun – just make some popcorn nachos.