Fruit Preserves

“Jewels in a Jar” Grown and made by Patti Powers in Winchester NH

Jars of Cheshire Farms preserves

Jars of Cheshire Garden fruit preserves

Softly-set Preserves made with less sugar than ordinary jams

No added pectin or other thickeners
No preservatives




Prized for their beauty as well as their flavor, our herbal vinegars were first described as a “garden in a bottle” by a delighted customer.
On sunny summer mornings after the dew is off, I pick small bunches of fresh, fragrant herbs and bring them into our kitchen for vinegar-making.

Gardens in a Bottle bring the flavor of summer’s fresh herbs to salads all year long. They are also wonderful in marinades and for grilling vegetables, fish or meat, and as a savory seasoning for roasted root vegetables.

Our fruit vinegarsQueen of Hearts Raspberry and Teddy Berry Blackberry

sparkle with the taste of our organic berries infused with Miller’s cider vinegar. The honey that helps mellow the acidity is from bees who live right here at Cheshire Garden – thanks to our friends Jodi and Dean of Imagine That Honey. The bees help pollinate all of our fruit flowers and then produce some of the best honey in New Hampshire!

Herbed Mustards


Our Farmhouse Mustards honor a rustic style featuring a mix of whole and ground mustard seeds. For centuries, cooks, farm wives and innkeepers have created mustard blends to spice up food. (My own great-grandmother made mustard regularly.)
We make our Farmhouse Mustards in our farmhouse,using organic brown and yellow mustard seeds. Authentic apple cider vinegar and wildflower honey (both from a nearby orchard) make their contributions, and a touch of kosher salt helps everything melt together.
The stars, though, are the fresh French Tarragon, Lavender, Garlic & Chili Peppers (in order of harvest) – whose flavors infuse each jar!