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How It’s Made

We start by selecting fully ripe peppers from our fields, which we grind with the garlic, sugar and salt and allow to ferment for 4-10 days depending on the ambient temperature. After fermentation, the pepper “mash” is passed through a food mill to remove all of the skins and seeds. Then we cook it with the vinegar and bottle it. Our sriracha sauce is sealed and shelf-stable but should be refrigerated after opening. We use a combination of medium-hot sweet red chilies for the sriracha including paprika, cayenne, cherry and calabrian types. The sriracha sauce could be considered medium-spicy. For the habanero sriracha, we use 10-15 different types of habanero peppers as well as yellow and orange sweet peppers so that it’s not too spicy to be enjoyable. The habanero sriracha is much hotter than the original red sriracha.

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We make our Kitchen Garden Brand Sriracha and Habanero Sriracha from peppers that we grow here at the farm. Our sriracha sauce is an all-natural product made with our own peppers and garlic, organic cane sugar, organic white vinegar and xanthan gum.


Sriracha is a type of hot chili sauce used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It is different from American style sauces in its use of fresh, whole chilies and garlic with minimal use of vinegar. Ours has a bright sweet fruity taste with sharp chili heat and pronounced garlic flavor. Enjoy it on eggs, with rice and noodles, in soup and chili, with grilled meat and fish, and on fried chicken. The habanero sriracha is particularly good on a burrito.