Alan Alan Zuchowski has been growing for the Heritage Grain Share Since 2008! He is now certified organic and and grows 5 types of grain for the share each year.

  • Red Lammas Wheat
  • Nothstine Dent Corn
  • Popcorn
  • Plymouth Flint corn
  • Black Turtle Beans


From Farm to Field Alan has turned out a Beuatiful crop of wheat every year for the share making the Red Lammas wheat a staple in the share. Grown Originally on the Cape by early settlers this wheat has found a great home in Hadley MA and the Heritage grain share. Thanks Alan!wheat-in-a-jar1000

This Variety of Flint corn was discovered by the Plymouth plantation research department and adds a gorgeous and unique corn to the share.mandan.corn_

The Nothstine Dent Is a perennial Favorite…an open pollinated golden colored corn from the 1950’s with a sweet and delicious flavor that always wins in grits, polenta, tortillas, or cornbread. You name it… this Corn is awesome!