Hello! My name is Ben Lester and I invite you to come with me on a journey into real food ecstasies, community connections, and the nourishing journey of healthy whole food systems!  Growing up I was fortunate to have a father who cultivated a deep reverence for that which nourishes, and delights. The kitchen was his temple and the ingredients were the astounding gifts of our ancient ancestry. I didn’t know it at the time but this foundation would eventually lead me to take these values and interests and craft connections around me that reflected them with those who shared them too! A beautiful cycle of curiosity, exploration, discovery, and sharing began and continues to grow! I created and ran a small, beloved(and award winning) bakery and cafe called Wheatberry in Amherst MA for about a decade during which time I was inspired to create the Heritage Grains CSA.. In 2008 you could get your vegetables and meats in a farm share program but no grains? Why not? This was a problem and I was in a position to solve it. I was the original farmer for the program but realized over several years that I could be of best service to my community by focusing on the organizing and distribution while helping other small farmers grow their business by providing them with market for their products. All these years later there now exists a new and innovative network of farmers and consumers that support the growth and health of both the individuals and the community fabric that holds us all together. This is Farm Feast. Empowering us to eat and live better! Let’s create the world the world we’d like to live in!