Ancient grains are the perfect base for hearty, satisfying and delicious meals. Emmer and Einkorn are particularly well suited since they cook up quicker and softer than modern wheats but also stay soft and tasty when cold. Finely dice your favorite or most handy vegetables like onion, celery, red pepper, garlic, squash(summer or winter), carrot parsnip etc….and gently cook so they are neither super crunchy or cooked to mush(3-6 minutes depending on size and type). Mix with your cooked ancient grain of choice season, dress and eat!

Taboule is a classic example and no it doesn’t need to be made with bulgar(pre cooked wheat). In fact you’ll discover that Emmer and Einkorn (and other whole grains for that matter) will make a far better salad both in terms of flavor, texture and nutrition.

Experiment with different grains and cooking times, vegetables and fruits, dressing, herbs and spices. It can be as simple Einkorn with parsley lemon juice, carrots onions, and tomatoes, or become as elaborate as your imagination and ingredient access allows!

This time I cooked einkorn and added finely diced and sauteed  carrot, onion, garlic, red pepper, and celery and seasoned it with salt and pepper, cider vinegar, smoked paprika, and tahini.

We stuffed some gorgeous mother hubbard squash and had a winter meal to die warmly for. Swap the einkorn for emmer, oats or rye and use your most abundant winter roots or your most savored canned goods from the summer. Make the dressing lighter by omitting tahini or crank up the indulgence with a thick dollop of cashew cream on top!


  •  1-2 cups Einkorn cooked for 20-30 minutes or until desired tenderness is reached
  •  1-2 cups finely chopped veggies of choice
  •  A handful of fresh chopped herbs(or sprinkle of dry)
  •  Use your favorite dressing or keep it super simple and just use lemon juice, or cider vinegar



  •  Start grains cooking covered in 2-4 cups water
  •  Finely dice vegetables and saute or steam until a little tender(3-6 minutes)
  •  In the last minute of cooking vegetables add fresh herbs
  •  Drain excess water from grain and combine with vegetables.

Season with salt and Pepper and dress with Lemon juice or any kind of dressing you like. Serve as is or get creative and incorporate it with another dish like how we stuffed the squash this time. You could stuff a bird with it. Turn into a casserole with melted cheese on top. Serve a delicate piece of fish on top or take it for a quick but satisfying lunch to bring to work the next day.