Happy Wetness Everyone!

I’ve been out in the corn fields in Hadley taking photos for the book and the Gazette ran a story last week about the forthcoming book. If you have a copy of this please send me a photo of it as I have not been able to get my hands on a copy. Here is a spread from the shoot. Enjoy!

Also, we have plans to make this years distribution much smoother than last year. Last year there were a series of small mishaps that led to an unusually challenging distribution(no disasters but some unusual wait times and a lot of stress for me). A lot of thought and effort has already gone in to make sure we all have an amazing experience at the funnest event of the year! We have an incredible team that has formed this year and I’ll be so pleased for you to meet some of the great new people working on Farm Feast with me this year. They are really special people. And speaking of special people Alan and I are making plans to grow more organic crops right here in Hadley…Yes, we’re talking organic beans and more!

Lastly, while the book is coming along incredibly well and will be everything and more than I hoped it could be, I did severely sprain my ankle 7 weeks ago and am still on crutches and therefore have been slowed down on progress that requires two free hands, i.e. shooting the photos!? Anyway, I think it is just as well. The book won’t be complete until the late spring early summer but I garauntee it will be more than worth the wait. And for those who have signed up already we’ll male sure to send you some special goodies relating to the book for Christmas.

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