2016/17 Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain Share Distribution Recap!

Special Thanks to Brookfield Farms of Amherst and Codman Community Farms of Lincoln!

Thank you to everyone who attented our 2016/17 Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain share distribution event! We hope everyone had fun and is now enjoying their delicious grains, flour and beans. We are thrilled to have a growing membership each year and we hope you spread the word to your friends and neighbors how much you love the share!

Good morning Ben,

I am so excited to start experimenting with the variety of grains and beans from my 1/2 share collected yesterday. Thank you so much for making the process of pick up so easy and for your advice on flour mills! I am also impressed with the collection of recipes on your website and look forward to trying them out. I look forward to many more recipes and tutorials.

Deb Simpson

Hi Ben,

Firstly – thank you so much for what you’ve put together – it’s beautiful and so important that more folks have access to this high quality grains and beans!

With love and gratitude

Corinne Andrews

Hello Ben,

I finished making my first cool control miche bread last night and my family was so encouraging with the results. That first bite into the slice that was still steaming was so reminiscent of the bread you used to make for Wheatberry Cafe. Interesting how the smell, texture and taste can transport me back to the counter where so many of your delicacies were only a hand’s reach away! (I still miss your bread and the cafe so!)…
Lissa Pierce Bonifaz

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