The Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA

New England’s First Grain Share Since 2008
Community Supported Agriculture for Grains, Beans, and seeds. Leave the supermarket bulk bins in the dust bin!
  • The easiest, most cost effective, healthiest and delicious way to eat local year round
  • Bringing you 18 types of grains, and beans and 7 types of flour each season
  • You choose exactly what you want
  • Distributed once per year in January/February in the Boston area, Western MA, and Westchester NY

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  • The Heritage Grain Farm Share
  • The Farmer’s Pantry Preserves
  • Recipes, Video Classes, and Workshops!

The Farmer's Pantry CSA

The Finest Pioneer Valley Farm Preserves!

  •  A ten farm collaboration
  • Bringing you over 50 types of preserves from fruit and herb, to mushroom, kimchi and much more!
  • Easy once per year distribution

Now offering the 2017/18 Rice Share!

Due to the limited availability we are offering the rice as it’s own share so we can order early and don’t miss out on it. It will be offered in three sizes(10, 25, and 50lbs) and will be distributed at the same distributions as the main grain share!

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Now distributing in New York in addition to Western MA, and Boston!

So many folks over the past two years have been driving all the way from New York we have decided to bring our annual grain distribution to west to Westchester, NY to  make it more environmentally friendly and satisfy the growing demand for a NY Grain share distribution!
Perfect Polenta or Gastronomic Grits?

Perfect Polenta or Gastronomic Grits?

This time of year my body calls for steaming porridges and bubbling casseroles and while many grains like oats, buckwheat, and rice can be perfect, no grain has more more versatility and comfort than Corn. Traditionally polenta(italian word) and...


The Heritage Grain Share

New England’s First CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for flour, grains and beans! The missing link in the burgeoning local food chain, The Hertiage Grain Share was created by Ben Lester in 2008 and has been a huge success. Proving the best quality grains to over 200 members and counting.

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The Farmer's Pantry CSA

We have been on a long and dangerously delicious mission to find you the best local farm products around and make them extremely easy to get your hands on and use. Saving you time and money we have searched tirelessly for over ten years to bring these unique and exceptional products

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World Class Recipes, Video Instruction and Live Workshops!

Ben Lester’s culinary expertise and wealth of knowledge has been indispensable for those looking to become better bakers and cooks especially in the area of using locally grown grains, flours, and beans. Whether you’re a first time baker or have 30 years of experience, Ben’s recipes and tutorials will add a lot to your baking arsenal.

Whole Wheat Miche Made Easy with “Cool Control”

This loaf is so simple, and delicious...fresh ground flour, water, salt, and yeast. The crumb is airy, supple and moist, and the crust is crackling chewy and caramelized. This technique is the first part in a series designed to show you everything you need to know...

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What Our Members Are Saying

These are just a few examples of the overwhelmingly positive experiences they have!

Dear Ben,

I’ve been making your cool control whole wheat bread ever since you shared the recipe. It is indeed foolproof, and it is outstanding! Never before have I had success with 100% whole wheat bread and I tried for years. Thank you so much!…

…I made this loaf of rye bread per your instructions and it is outstanding!

Thanks to you, at last I am able to make
consistently excellent 100% whole grain breads.

Now I hope it will be possible to change my 2016 grain CSA from a half share to a full share. I will go the website later on and try to do that.

Many thanks again!

Brent Jackson

Grinding wheat berries and other grains to bake with has been part of our lifestyle for many years.  When Ben started the PVGH CSA, we jumped at the opportunity to buy wheat that was locally grown. Now, we’ve experimented with the different varieties of wheat available from PVGH, and we have learned what our favorites are for biscuits, cookies, crumble, crusts, etc.  The quality is phenomenal, and each year the distribution process has provided increased flexibility of choice. Thank you, PVHG; keep it up!

Linda Farmer
Kim Matland

Sarah Ried

As someone who chooses not to eat wheat, I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the grain share.

Most of the baking I do is with the oats, buckwheat and corn from the share, which I grind into flour. I’m very happy with the results.

The variety of beans available is wonderful and the popcorn is always a highlight for me.

rave review:
I’ve been making my own bread for years, but this recipe changed everything.  I don’t have to set aside a day anymore, or settle for soda bread. It’s truly only a few minutes in the making—I just have to plan ahead far enough to be able to bake it within a day.  I have changed the recipe several times, and settled on my favorite, made with fresh ground flour, milk and a bit of honey.  Delicious!
Bethany Creeger and Rebecca Williams

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