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Actual customizing links go out early December. The module below shows the complete list of crops with descriptions and photos and allows you to play with a demonstration customizing form so you can see how customizing works!

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November News!

November News!

Happy Wetness Everyone! I've been out in the corn fields in Hadley taking photos for the book and the Gazette ran a story last week about the forthcoming book. If you have a copy of this please send me a photo of it as I have not been able to get my hands on a copy....

Meet Matt Williams Our Farmer for Oats, Spelt, and Rye!

Meet Matt Williams Our Farmer for Oats, Spelt, and Rye!

Our farm is located in the bread basket of the Northeast – Linneus, Maine in Aroostook County. Locals and Maine afficianados know this unspoiled region as “The County.” It’s where thousands of acres of farmland that sits beneath the most glorious, clear skies one can...

The Heritage Grain Share

A new model for Community Supported Agriculture!

While vegetable “Farm Shares” or CSA’s began in the 1980’s and have blossomed into a profusion of opportunities for farmers and consumers alike to buy the highest quality vegetables, many of us have asked “what about the rest of our foods, like grains, meats, fruits, and preserves?

In 2008 I decided to tackle one of the missing pieces of our burgeoning local food system to make more opportunities available to farmers and consumers. The Heritage Grain Share was born and we’ve been growing, grinding, popping, and cooking up a storm ever since!

With 5 types of heritage and ancient wheat, 5 types of heirloom beans, popcorn, oats (rolled, steel cut, and whole), cornmeal, 7 stone ground flour options, and more, this share is unlike anything you can get at the grocery store!

Each year we provide our members with the highest quality heirloom and heritage, organically grown grains, flours, and beans from our farms. We take great pride in creating a community-based model where we have long lasting relationships with our members and our farmers. Connecting the two is our mission!

Grown on small sustainable farms, our shares are fresher, tastier, and healthier than anything you can find in a store! Supporting our local farms is environmentally sustainable, keeps our food dollars circulating in the local economy (instead of overseas corporate bank accounts) and enriches the lives of the farmers and consumers by creating a connection between the two!

Grown on Small Sustainable Farms

Fresh Whole Grains are Tastier, Healthier, and Keep Indefinitely

Select Fresh Ground Flours or Whole Grains or mix and match!

What Our Members Are Saying

These are just a few examples of the overwhelmingly positive experiences our members report!

Dear Ben,

I've been making your cool control whole wheat bread ever since you shared the recipe. It is indeed foolproof, and it is outstanding! Never before have I had success with 100% whole wheat bread and I tried for years. Thank you so much!...

...I made this loaf of rye bread per your instructions and it is outstanding!

Thanks to you, at last I am able to make
consistently excellent 100% whole grain breads.

Now I hope it will be possible to change my 2016 grain CSA from a half share to a full share. I will go the website later on and try to do that.

Many thanks again!

Brent Jackson

Grinding wheat berries and other grains to bake with has been part of our lifestyle for many years.  When Ben started the PVGH CSA, we jumped at the opportunity to buy wheat that was locally grown. Now, we’ve experimented with the different varieties of wheat available from PVGH, and we have learned what our favorites are for biscuits, cookies, crumble, crusts, etc.  The quality is phenomenal, and each year the distribution process has provided increased flexibility of choice. Thank you, PVHG; keep it up!

Linda Farmer
Kim Matland

Sarah Ried

As someone who chooses not to eat wheat, I've gotten a lot of value out of the grain share.

Most of the baking I do is with the oats, buckwheat and corn from the share, which I grind into flour. I'm very happy with the results.

The variety of beans available is wonderful and the popcorn is always a highlight for me.

rave review:
I’ve been making my own bread for years, but this recipe changed everything.  I don’t have to set aside a day anymore, or settle for soda bread. It’s truly only a few minutes in the making—I just have to plan ahead far enough to be able to bake it within a day.  I have changed the recipe several times, and settled on my favorite, made with fresh ground flour, milk and a bit of honey.  Delicious!
Bethany Creeger and Rebecca Williams