Our Mission

Our mission is to reclaim our heritage grains through community-supported agriculture. We provide the best quality organic ancient grains, stone ground flour, oats, corn, heirloom beans, and pantry items. We are Farm Feast-  Empowering our community to eat and live better!


About Us

Farm Feast brings you The Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain Share, New England’s First CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for flour, grains, and beans!  

Created by Ben Lester in 2008, the Heritage Grain Share provides a missing link in the burgeoning local food chain. It has become an innovative network of farmers and consumers that supports the growth and health of our subscribers and farmers while strengthening the community that holds us all together.

In 2008, after years of running a small, beloved bakery and café called Wheatberry in Amherst, MA, Ben became acutely aware of the fact that, while he could get vegetables and meats in a farm share program, no such program existed for grains. Why not?

Ben was inspired to create a program that would provide quality grains to the community in a sustainable way.

Though he originally began the CSA as a farmer, he realized over several years that he could best be of service to the community by focusing on organization and distribution. He set out to identify and develop a market for small grain farmers to sell their products, growing their businesses alongside their crops.


Meet Our Founder - Ben Lester


Hello! My name is Ben Lester and I invite you to come with me on a journey into real food ecstasies, community connections, and the delicious experience of healthy, sustainable food systems!  Growing up I was fortunate to have a father who cultivated a deep reverence for foods that nourish, and delight. Ancient grains and small flour mills were led from one experiment to another.

I didn’t know it at the time but this foundation would eventually lead me to take these values and interests and craft connections around me that reflected them with those who had the same interests! A beautiful cycle of curiosity, exploration, discovery, and sharing began and continues to grow!

Outreach Coordinator - Carey Garneau


Graduating from UConn with a degree in Fine Arts, Carey focused much of her work on sustainability and social issues. She has always had an interest in the positive environmental and social change CSAs and local businesses encourage. She feels it is important to keep our communities strong and successful and what better way than through our love of good food!

Originally from Connecticut, she enjoys learning about (and tasting!) the unique and handcrafted products the Pioneer Valley has to offer. She finds it very rewarding working in an environment where our members and farmers are enthusiastic and excited about what we do. She is inspired by Farm Feast’s mission and hopes to continue assisting in the growth of small local businesses.

Lead Farmer - Alan Zuchowski

Alan Zuchowski has been growing for the Heritage Grain Share Since 2008! He is now certified organic and and grows 5 types of grain for the share each year; Red Lammas Wheat, Nothstine Dent Corn, Popcorn, Plymouth Flint corn, and Black Turtle Beans. That is almost half of the grain for the share! Alan has turned out a beautiful crop of wheat every year, making the Red Lammas wheat a staple in the share!

Web Developer - Erik Jonsberg


Erik Jonsberg is the owner of Hungry Ghost Design, a Western MA web design and development company. When he’s not busy creating amazingly cool WordPress websites, he can be found hanging out with his two favorite people, Pauline and young Bodhi.