“Limited” Spring Heritage Grain Share 2024


A 6 farm collaboration

    • Bringing you 27 types of grains, flours and beans each season!
      • 5 Types of wheat (*Spelt, *Einkorn, *Red Lammas, *Emmer, and *Redeemer
      • 2 types of milling/masa corn(*Nothstine Dent, Plymouth Flint) and popcorn
      • 5 types of Heirloom Beans(Yellow eye, Soldier, Jacob’s Cattle, Red Kidney and Black Turtle)
      • Oats 3 ways(whole, steel cut, and rolled)
      • Rye, Pearled Black Barley and *buckwheat
        • *available as fresh stone ground flour
    • Fully customizable – get exactly what you want and nothing you don’t!
      Easy Once Per Year Distribution

Special Pricing!

Save 5% on your order when you purchase a Farmer’s Pantry and Heritage Grain share at the same time (discount will be applied at checkout).

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