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Evolution and Innovation in Community Supported Agriculture

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Here in the Valley we’ve been blessed with not only some of the best farmland in the world but some of the most dedicated and quality oriented farmers imaginable. This is next step in the evolution of Community Supported Agriculture, The Farmer’s Pantry Share will provide you with easy access to an array of the best farm made preserves anywhere! Simple, delicious, and all in one place!

Once the Grain CSA became an established an effective model for distributing the best grains, beans and flours around the next question was obvious. If this model works so well can we use it to make more opportunities available for a stronger local food system?

The answer was a simple solid yes and in 2016 The Farmer’s Pantry Share was born.

The Pantry Share is an annual distribution available in January/February every year along side the Grain Share distribution that focuses on making it easy to stock your pantry with the best fruit preserves, vinegars, mustards, dried mushrooms, seaweeds, salsas, hot sauces, Lacto-fermented veggies, and more all in one place and fully customizable to get exactly what you would like!

Distribution is in Western MA the last Saturday in January, the Boston area the first Saturday in February, and New York the Last Sunday in January!

Jars of Full Moon Ghee, Cheshire Garden Garlic Mustard and Acorn Kitchen Preserves


Meet The farmers and learn about their very special products grown and made with more love than a bundle of babies!

Old Friends Farm

We are proud to be farmers.  We love what we do and we love helping to facilitate the connection of agriculture and community. Ginger Syrup is a delicious way to capture the freshness of our ginger and let the culinary adventures begin!  Add it to tea, ice cream,...

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Full Moon Ghee Made in Montague

Honoring a practice rooted in the ancient texts of India, we make our ghee on the full moon, a time of heightened essence, vitality, and expansion. We begin with the finest locally sourced butter and simmer it down to its essence, infusing the ghee with intentions of...

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Hosta Hill Abe and Maggie – Lacto Fermentation Wizards

Abe and Maggie Jenks have been producing the highest quality Sauerkrauts and Kimchis I have ever encountered(and I’ve tried a lot) and we are so pleased to offer their outstanding products as part of the Farmer’s Pantry Share. Not only do they source there ingredients...

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Larch Hanson – The Seaweed Man!

Larch Hanson's Seaweeds Kelp Alaria Dulse Digitata Through seaweeds, the earth's sea-blood strengthens our own sea-blood that we carry within us. Seaweeds are an excellent source of trace minerals in our diet. As our air and water become more acidified through...

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The Kitchen Garden – Sriracha and Roasted Chili Salsas

 Habinero, ghost and regular Sriracha How It's Made We start by selecting fully ripe peppers from our fields, which we grind with the garlic, sugar and salt and allow to ferment for 4-10 days depending on the ambient temperature. After fermentation, the pepper "mash"...

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Carr’s Family Ciderhouse

Carr’s Ciderhouse is a family­ run operation committed to handcrafting small batch apple cider­based products for the pantry. Our historic orchard is located on the northwest slope of Mt. Warner in Massachusetts, overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Connecticut...

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Fungi Ally – Willie Crosby

Fungi Ally strives to bring mushrooms and all their benefits to the forefront of the pioneer valley. By offering fresh locally grown mushrooms we hope more people can take advantage of the medicinal and culinary wonders mushrooms offer. We cultivate our mushrooms in...

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Full Kettle Farm

Full Kettle is a one acre herb farm run by Greg Disterhoft located in Sunderland Massachusetts. We grow a wide selection of fresh and dried herbs for tea blends, culinary use, medicinals, and essential oils. We grow almost everything by hand, using a rototiller...

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Cheshire Garden

Fruit Preserves "Jewels in a Jar" Grown and made by Patti Powers in Winchester NH Softly-set Preserves made with less sugar than ordinary jams No added pectin or other thickeners No preservatives Vinegars Prized for their beauty as well as their flavor, our herbal...

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Meet the Farmers and Learn about Their Beautiful Farm Crafted Products!

The 2016 Farmer's Pantry Share

1/2 share
  • Designed for singles and couples. You can select exactly which preserves you would like and how much you’d like of each.
  • You will receive your selections at the distribution in January/February at the annual distribution.
  • A whole share will be about 15 units and there are about 60 selections to choose from!
Yes Please!

The 2016 Farmer's Pantry Share

Whole Share
  • Designed for families of 3-4. You can select exactly which preserves you would like and how much you’d like of each.
  • You will receive your selections at the annual distribution in January/February Along side the Grain distribution.
  • A whole share will be about 30 units and there are about 60 selections to choose from!
Yes Please!

Yes...I'd Like To Reserve My Share Please!

Reserve my share!

Pick Up at One of Our Fun Distribution Events in Amherst and Canton!

Shares Are Fully Customizable!

Over 50 Unique and Exceptional Products to Choose From!

Enjoy Summer All Winter!

Grown, and Preserved by Small Artisan Farmers

Choose From over 50 Farmer/Artisan made preserves to keep you stocked all winter!

Share Items Make Unique Gifts for the Holidays!

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