Rice Share 2024/25


Choose a Rice Share Size:

  • Small – up to 10 pounds
  • Medium – up to 25 pounds
  • Large – up to 50 pounds

Exact quantity will vary depending on rice selections.  Customizations will be made in mid December.

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The Rice Share has grown! Starting with and still offering the “Seven Stars” Japanese short grain sticky rice grown By Erik Andrus in VT and now also offering several types of heirloom rice offerings grown by Glen Roberts including Carolina Gold(long grain), and Vialone Nano(arborio). All 3 crops are available in both brown and white. Buy your share now and customize your share to have exactly what you would like in December. Example follows; A Medium share(up to 25 pounds) can be customized to have approximately 4 pounds brown Seven Stars rice, 12 pounds Carolina gold white rice, 5 pounds brown Arborio rice. Any way you like!

All rice options are grown by small plot family farms to organic standards. Carolina and Vialone rices are certified organic.

This share will be distributed at the same times and places as the Grain share.

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